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Heritage India

Mark Furstenberg, founder of
**Marvelous Market** and **The Bread
Line**, plans to open **Bread Furst** , a
bakery shop in Q1 2014 at 4434 Connecticut
Ave, NW, near the car wash at Albemarle Street,
NW. Originally the location was the site of a
beloved (southern-based) grocery store, called
Piggly Wiggly. Jack Revelle will be Bread
Furst?s pastry chef. Mark says he even has Raul
Fernandez onboard to work in the bakery. Raul
worked at Marvelous Market in 1991. For the
project, Mark has a very interesting blog where
he updates the trials and tribulations of what it
takes to open a bakery from scratch ? not just
the bread is made from scratch:
Ch-ch-changes: Restaurant Associates has
re-opened a refreshed **Roof Terrace Restaurant
& Bar** at the John F. Kennedy Center for the
Performing Arts. In addition to an extended bar
area for pre-performance cocktails and appetizers
for a group or a duo, the private dining room
also transforms into an intimate lounge. The
new interior design features rose-tinted drapery,
luxe navy carpeting, and contemporary wooden,
leather upholstered furniture. The transformed
bistro bar space boasts modern, blue acrylic
tables and a special bar menu?.Sanjeev and
Mitul Tuli have made changes at their restaurants
at 1901 Pennsylvania Ave., NW. Their
landmark restaurant, **Heritage India**, serves a
lunch buffet across the entire space, including
where **Crossroads** used to be. Starting at happy
hour, the space turns into **Zanzibar**, a nightclub
for the 40+ crowd, with music and light food.
Matt and Jena Carr plan to open **Little
Red Fox** on Connecticut Avenue, NW, where
Marvelous Market used to be, serving healthy
comfort food made with seasonal ingredients.
The husband and wife team are D.C. natives
who are returning to their old ?hood after living
in Portland, Oregon. The focus is local, with
coffee from Annapolis-based Ceremony Coffee
Roasters, and local produce and wines.
Linda Roth is president of Linda Roth
Associates, a public relations & marketing firm.
Reach her at: or
703-417-2700. [](

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