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Zeina Davis, event coordinator and marketing manager | Tim Riethmiller

Zeina Davis, event coordinator and marketing manager, wants to give each person a customized experience when he or she enters Malmaison. Being a family-run company gives Malmaison an extra je ne sais quoi.

“It is truly a family run business and each person within the family is involved with every aspect from the overall concept to the day to day functions,” says Davis. It is a team effort every step of the way, from preparation, to execution and follow-up.
Davis works to partner with Georgetown and D.C. businesses to bring a variety of open, ticket and private events to the chateau of cuisine that is Malmaison. As event coordinator and marketing manager, Davis is “involved in all operations outside of lunch and dinner.”

Malmaison is divided into trois (three) sections: the cafe, the dining room and the upper bar area. “The cafe runs as its own entity,” Davis says. She assures us that Malmaison is all about full-scale event planning, not just petite soirées.
Malmaison is equipped to host any type of event, from weddings to book signings, to wine tastings and more. The garage looking doors that lead into the quaint Parisian-style restaurant can be used as screens for Twitter feeds or general projector screens to meet the needs of a client.

“We’ll mold to whatever they’re asking for,” says Davis.
The restaurant is developing a music program to make its nightlife scene “more than just a fun night,” says Davis, who wants Malmaison to be seen as more than a restaurant. Its nightlife scene should not just be throwing a party just to throw a party. “It should be a cultural experience,” she says.

Davis wants for those having dinner at Malmaison to say, “I’d love to have an event here,” and those at an event to say, “I would love to have dinner here.”

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