Police Traffic Cameras Go Live, Feb. 1


After a month’s delay, 100 new traffic
cameras, controlled by the Metropolitan Police
Department, are set to issue drivers moving violation
tickets, beginning Feb. 1.

While drivers are used to getting tickets via
photo for speeding and going through a red light,
the new round of ticketing includes violations for
failing to stop completely at a stop sign or failing
to stop for pedestrians. Some drivers fail to
stop completely at the stop-sign white line that is
painted in front of the crosswalk. So, remember
drivers: no more Jersey bounces or California

In its “D.C. StreetSafe” program, the MPD
“Tickets will be issued when vehicles fail to
stop at a stop sign. The MPD has a total of 32
stop sign cameras to identify vehicles passing a
stop sign without coming to a full stop.”

The nearest locations in and around
Georgetown are: 35th and R Streets; Calvert and
39th Streets; 24th and N Streets.
Prices of fines are the same, as if a police
officer issued them to you.


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