Manon Cleary Exhibit at the Arts Club of Washington

F. Steven Kijek, Arts Club President June Hajjar | Mary Bird

At the April 4 opening reception of “Manon Cleary, Obsessive Observer” — which presents a new perspective through her photographic studies and will remain on view until April 26 — the club’s exhibition committee chair Pat Moore spoke of the extent and expanse of the late artist’s creative spirit and process. The exhibit is produced by Cleary’s husband F. Steven Kijek and explores the use of photography in creating her paintings and works on paper. Jack Rasmussen, director and curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, is guest curator. “This woman taught me how to see, not with my eyes, but with my heart,” Kijek said.

Captions: F. Steven Kijek, Arts Club President June Hajjar (Manon 001.jpg)
Peggy McNutt, Arts Club Vice President Judith Nordin (Manon 002.jpg)
Edward Purcell, Molly Ruppert of Warehouse Theater and Gallery (Manon 003.jpg)
Arts Club Gallery Manager Nichola Hays, Jack Hinman (Manon 004.jpg)
Jack Hannola, Chris Graff (Manon 005.jpg)
F. Steven Kijek, Mark Ohnmacht (Manon 006.jpg)
Charles and Joy Hagel Silverman (Manon 007.jpg)

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