Letter to the Editor May 7, 2014


In a recent Georgetowner article concerning liquor licenses (“Applicants Camp Out for 4 Liquor Licenses in Georgetown,” April 23 – May 6, 2014), facts were cited which, if not explained further, leave a distorted impression of the ABC-license situation in Georgetown. It is true that the Georgetown Moratorium limits the number of restaurant licenses to 68. What is not made clear is that this restriction applies only to the Moratorium Zone, which does not encompass all of Georgetown. The boundaries of the affected area are roughly Q, 27th/28th, and 36th Streets, and the river. Areas outside this designated zone are not governed by the moratorium. Nor are Washington Harbour, Georgetown Park, Georgetown Court and the hotels. These exempted locales account for at least 25 additional restaurant licenses. There are also six tavern licenses throughout Georgetown. Thus, at this time, Georgetown has almost 100 ABC licenses with the potential, and expectation, of more.

Karen Cruse, Citizens Association of Georgetown,

co-chair, ABC Committee


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