Online Retailer Models the D.C. Woman

Fashion duo Alvaro Roche and Elsa Arcila have deep roots in the industry, but it wasn’t until they found each other in D.C. that their brand Aroche was born.
“We love D.C. because it has all this international influence,” Roche said.
Created after years of Roche’s work around the globe – which included six years with Italian designer Gionfranco Ferré and the co-founding of children’s clothing line EPK, now sold all over Latin America – Aroche is the product of a perfect pair. Roche and Arcila shared a passion for creating a brand that was simple, sophisticated and, most importantly, practical.
“Understated and getting it done; like the DC woman,” is how someone described Aroche in a tweet. And Roche agreed.
“We’re trying to create something well-designed, understated, minimalist, but at the same time a little sexy,” Roche said. “Getting it done and practical.”
Combining their international experiences, Roche and Arcila have seen the industry shift in a huge way. When the two began working on the brand in late 2012, they first started talking about the industry’s move in the direction of online sales. They have watched major design brands rethink flagship stores and open fewer, larger stores.
“The online presence is bigger and that’s what is important,” Roche said.
After splitting his time among Europe, Latin America and China, Roche was looking for something more manageable and personable. Coming from a time when fashion was brick and mortar only, Roche is having fun with his new online venture.
Arcila lived in Venezuela before attending school in Los Angeles at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she studied marketing and brought her knowledge to Roche’s vision of starting a brand from scratch.
“We always say ‘enjoy the process,’” Aroche said. A year and a half of detailed work later, Aroche’s debut spring collection featured three styles of nylon bags and three pairs of flats. The bags can be monogrammed and the fall collection is expected to include even more items. Find more at


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