Jack Evans ReportJune 18, 2014



The D.C. Council is involved with many aspects of the city. Every year, we review and pass a budget for the District that funds everything from DCPS to Medicaid. We write laws for the city, we oversee government agencies like the Office of Tax and Revenue and the Commission on Arts and Humanities and, most important, we work to make our neighborhoods and communities better for the residents of the District.

This constituent services part of being a councilmember is why I enjoy this job so much, and I want to take this opportunity to explain a few ways my office can be helpful to you.

My office can help you follow up on service requests you?ve already made to the District. Many concerns such as trees that need to be trimmed or sidewalks or street lights in need of repair can be handled quickly by calling 311 or submitting a request online at 311.dc.gov. If your concern is not addressed, we can reach out to the relevant government agency.

Some requests are more complicated, and my staff and I stand ready to work with D.C. agencies on your behalf. Recently, the new trash bin delivery was a major problem for many Georgetown residents. My office worked with DPW to get the unwanted bins picked up more quickly than originally scheduled.

Next, we can organize meetings where residents and government agencies can discuss concerns and possible solutions. A few weeks ago, I held a meeting about public safety in parts of the downtown area with residents in nearby condo buildings and representatives from MPD, the Office of the Mayor, the D.C. Public Library and local nonprofit organizations. My office can address many concerns, but when the solution isn?t clear, these meetings can be a big help.

Third, we can help you figure out who is in a position to respond to your concerns. Navigating the various D.C. government agencies is getting easier, but my office can provide assistance when you?re having difficulty reaching the right person.

Fourth, we work with ANCs and community groups to better understand the thoughts and feelings of the neighborhood. I regularly attend the ANC2E monthly meetings, Citizens Association of Georgetown events and other community functions all across the Ward. My staff is at these meetings each and every month. I find these meeting incredibly valuable, letting me hear directly from you about what is happening in our community. Always feel free to work with these community groups or to come talk to me or someone from my staff about issues in your area.

*It?s a privilege to serve as your councilmember. If you ever need assistance with the issues I?ve mentioned here, or there is something else you feel that I can help with, please contact me at 202-724-8058 or jackevans@dccouncil.us.*

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