Dump the Dumpsters



If you have been traveling around Georgetown within the last several months, you may have thought to yourself that there seems to a lot of dumpsters here — from 36th to 26th Street.
Well, you are right: it is time to rein in the proliferation of these giant metal boxes which steal parking spaces for months, are an eyesore and are used by others for a trash toss. At $150 a pop for six months to the District government, that’s just about free for million-dollar renovators. It is time to review the requirements and fees for such usage.

At the same time, let’s look at how many service vans simply line up along the street for work at one home. Last week, 31st Street near Christ Church looked ridiculous: at least three Harvey Hottel vans in a row plus other vehicles at both sides of the street — and, of course, a long-sitting dumpster. Work on the other side of town at Prospect House and Halcyon House is kept to a low roar and annoyance by the smart use of dump trucks. All over town, there are workers’ vehicles, simply parked near a project. A parking ticket for my guys? No problemo. That’s part of the bill, Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner.

Let’s hope the September meeting of the Georgetown-Burleith Advisory Neighborhood Commission gets a handle on all of this. Otherwise, let’s simply dump the dumpsters.

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