New Barriers on M Street and Key Bridge to Foil Lane Cheaters

Lane cheaters have been brought to a halt with the addition of barriers at M Street and Key Bridge. In what is an already a heavy traffic spot, blockades have been placed to deter drivers from making last-minute left turns from Key Bridge.

The District Department of Transportation was called upon to address the issue, which in turn resulted in the barriers. DDOT’s traffic engineer James Cheeks told Fox 5 News, “This will last for a little while. People will begin disregarding them and then we’ll have to think of some other measures.”

However, left turns are not the only traffic issue drivers face; at the very same intersection people heading east on M street into Georgetown deal with a similar problem.

“Clearly that’s human behavior, that’s bad driving,” Cheeks said to Fox 5. “And so we’ll try to do something to keep them in their lanes. It’ll be similar to this.”

So, be on the lookout for more partitions in the near future.

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