Proudly Continuing Our Georgetown Legacy

Sixty years after the first edition of our star-bannered community newspaper hit the streets of the village, The Georgetowner is proud to be a continually growing part of this very special neighborhood. The jump to the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and other types of social media presently available, have been a natural evolution for the paper. Your continued interest has made these advancements an effortless joy. These virtual presences are vital to our future, but we feel strongly about the physical offices we lease in Georgetown, that allow you to stop in and say “hi,” and the physical product we print that you can hold, read, ponder, save as a keepsake or recycle at your leisure. The ever-growing loyalty and long term relationships with our readers, advertisers, and supporters confirm for us that these traditional staples are a part of the recipe that has kept us thriving at a time when many newspapers are not and an expense we are happy to bear.

Our belief in working with community non-profits, our presence at community events, and our documentation of social happenings confirm our genuine interest and commitment to you. We recently joined the George Town Club to provide yet another venue in which we can continually listen to you, gather and converse. Come join us there on Thursday mornings at The Georgetowner’s Cultural Leadership Breakfast series.

I consider publishing this independently owned community newspaper my life’s work, and it makes me smile every day. Come talk to me about your business, come talk to me about an event that we can help you with, and wave to me on the street when you see me. Thank you, Georgetown, for letting me be a part of you during this working lifetime, as we send the paper into its next 60 years of star-bannered success.

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