Theater Shorts Oct. 22, 2014


The Taming of the Shrew—The Pellas Theatre Company updates Shakespeare’s classic battle of the sexes play to our times and in Louisiana, no less. At the Anacostia Arts Center through Oct. 26.
The Island of Dr. Moreau—Synetic Theater original and silent company tackles H.G. Wells’ classic novel of a madman creating new men on an island. At Synetic Theater in Arlington through Nov. 2.
Stuart Little—Director Colin Hoyde brings a new freshness to E.B. White’s classic children’s tale at Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo through Oct. 26.
Absolutely! (Perhaps)—For all you fans of the 20th Century’s great avant-garde playwright Luigi Pirandello (and we know you’re out there), here’s a Constellation Theatre production of his comedy about spies, love affairs and paranoia at Source Theatre. Playing through Nov. 9.
Elmer Gantry—This musical version of the Sinclair Lewis novel about a huckster preacher in the 1920s has Eric Schaeffer at the helm at Signature Theatre. Plays through Nov. 9. Burt Lancaster won an Oscar for playing Elmer.
Fetch Clay, Make Man—This new play by Will Powers explores the relationship of Muhammad Ali with the black Hollywood actor Stepin Fetchit. At Round House Theatre in Bethesda through Nov. 2.
Sex with Strangers—A love story of sorts—cross-generational—in a new play by Laura Eason in which an older woman becomes involved with a blogger. Starring Holly Twyford, a Washington gift to theatre. Through December 7.
Our War—A unique and varied take on the Civil War at Arena Stage in the Kagod Cradle in which 30 top playwrights showcase monologues performed by professional actors, with the participation of local notables, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Georgetown University President Dr.John J. DeGioia and council members Jack Evans and David Grasso. Runs Oct. 21 to Nov. 9
The Wolfe Twins—A new, world premiere play by Rachel Bonds, in which a brother and sister experience dark adventures in Rome. Playing now until Nov. 2 at Studio Theater’s Studio Lab.
Coming Up Soon:
Julius Caesar—Speaking of political figures, the Folger Theatre takes on the making of the Roman Empire, in which self-proclaimed defenders of the Republic topple the man who would be emperor, then run afoul of empire-style politics. Directed by Robert Richmond, playing Oct. 28 through Dec. 7

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