Cream Puffs Coming to Town: Beard Papa’s

While cupcakes still rule and macarons have staked a claim in Georgetown and frozen yogurt holds on, there is a new contender coming to town: the cream puff.

Specifically, Beard Papa’s — an international chain of cream puff stores, begun in Osaka, Japan, in 1999 — will be setting up shop at 1332 Wisconsin Ave. NW, formerly a yogurt store. The company reports that it hopes to open the Georgetown shop in late April or early May.

Beard Papa’s has more 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide. Its main product is a choux pastry shell filled with whipped cream custard, available in many flavors that include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea, hazelnut or coconut cream. Beard Papa’s reports that it has served, as of this week, “453,418,099 cream puffs.” Think of the popular sweets cafe of cream puffs and eclairs as the Japanese version of Krispy Kreme and more.


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