Young at Heart at Georgetown Senior Center

Anne Albert finds stability in the community at the Georgetown Senior Center, housed on Mondays and Fridays in St. John’s Church.

“My father was Navy growing up and my husband was much older, and he passed away,” she said. “So I didn’t have many friends.”

Albert found herself bored after retiring. She expressed this to a friend, who referred her to the Georgetown Senior Center. She has now been a member for 20 years.

“I can’t believe I’ve been retired this long,” she said. “I can’t believe I lived this long. All I wanted to do was be 21.”

Albert makes time to use her creative talents to give back to the community. She crochets blankets for an organization called Christ’s Child that provides assistance to unwed mothers. She makes hats and scarves for inner-city kids.

“I also make two martinis a night,” she said with a laugh.

Her fiercely fun personality and unapologetic nature make Albert the life of the party at the group’s twice-weekly meetings. “I still can’t remember everyone’s name,” she said. “I’ll ask the question and not listen to the answer. But I’ve done that since I was a kid.”

Her clear blue eyes light up when she laughs or smiles, mostly at herself, revealing a charming humility. Albert’s positive attitude was only dimmed when she learned of the recent dip in senior center membership.

“I enjoy the companionship of other people,” she said.

The Georgetown Senior Center offers a variety of activities, including exercise classes, visits by comedians, performances and social events. Volunteers prepare and deliver food to the church for members’ lunches.

When asked what her favorite part of the organization was, she answered with one word: “Everything.”

The GBA networking reception on May 20 at Lululemon will benefit the Georgetown Senior Center.

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