Gondola is a ‘Bad Idea’



To the editor:

The whole gondola thing over Key Bridge is a joke and a bad idea proposed by non-Washingtonians (or Columbians as we called ourselves back in the day). What is its purpose? Tourism, commuter traffic, or to keep themselves relevant, and to keep billing us by running a meter at taxpayer/business/community expense?

Come on, the rendition looks like a bad 1980s theme-park ride. How about a trolley car that runs on a track attached to the existing Key Bridge structure? It could look historic and classic, and it would have a function like the one that was used for decades. The one that opened when the “Free Bridge,” the second version of the Aqueduct Bridge, opened to fireworks, parades and the support of the merchants association (which my family helped found) and residents, in 1889. The bridge’s Georgetown entrance at 36th Street was steps from the old house (now gone) where Francis Scott Key and his family lived on what would be called M Street. That bridge was replaced in 1923 by the Key Bridge, in his honor.

The whole London Eye tourist attraction gondola thing has no historic connection to Georgetown, and what is proposed would be a big eyesore!

Mike Copperthite

To the Editor:

I can’t believe anyone takes seriously the Georgetown Business Improvement District’s proposal to build a gondola across the Potomac, at an estimated cost between $50 and $80 million. There are some much less expensive alternatives, including a water ferry. Or take the Circulator. It costs $1 and runs every ten minutes. Problem solved.

Charles Pinck

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