The Jeb and Hillary Show


With Jeb Bush now solidly and officially in the field of presidential candidates, the two front-runners are solidly and officially on board.

It’s the Hillary and Jeb show, Clinton II and Bush III. Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida, announced his candidacy for the presidency Monday, promising to erase dysfunction in Washington, making him yet another Washington insider who’s an outsider.

He promised to be “on the side of free enterprise,” “to fix this thing, because I’ve done it,” “to get things moving our way in the world.”

“I will run with heart and I will run to win,” he said.

What with Clinton emphatically saying the other day, “If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a quitter,” it could be quite the shoving match among the two clear favorites.

Except maybe it’s not all that clear that they’re favorites.

Bush is bidding to be the third Bush to become president — father and brother preceded, if you hadn’t noticed — and Hilary is still trying to be the second Clinton, after husband Bill, and the first woman.

They’re odd front-runners. Clinton was in the same position eight years ago, when a very junior senator from Illinois, named Barack Obama, entered the race. She is already running a cautious campaign, although, looking over her shoulder, she might not see much competition — at least not for the Democratic nomination. (Sorry, Bernie, Martin and the other guy.)

Bush, on the other hand, can’t even look over his shoulder. He can barely cross the street without running into a Republican rival, some of whom I’m sure he’s never heard of. He is a man among many, plus one woman.

The response to the Clinton and Bush candidacies has so far been underwhelming. It’s true, folks. Familiarity does indeed sometimes breed, if not contempt, then disinterest.

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