Trump, Cruz, Palin Speak Out Against Iran Deal at U.S. Capitol

People rally at the U.S. Capitol. | Jeff Malet

Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared at a rally opposing President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran alongside former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, conservative radio personalities Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, and Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame.

“I’ve never seen something so incompetently negotiated — and I mean never,” Trump told the crowd in his signature businessman bravado. Cruz, on the other hand, warned that the deal could lead to an Iran developing a nuclear weapon that could “kill millions.” The two have become allies of sorts and didn’t dig at each other, despite being opponents in the GOP’s presidential primary. Trump remarked, “Ted Cruz was out there and he really backed me very strongly, and I always respected that. He asked me to come along, and I guess he figured we’d get a big crowd and we certainly have.”

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