Newly Opened M&T Bank Burglarized

All banks want to attract new customers but this is ridiculous. Less than three weeks in Georgetown, the M&T Bank was burglarized.

Early Friday morning, Aug. 24, a burglar — and perhaps an additional one — broke into the M&T Bank at 1420 Wisconsin Ave., NW, which just opened Aug. 6. Sawing through the wall from 1422 Wisconsin Ave., NW, the burglar made an entry hole, entered the bank and then tripped the alarms at 2:08 a.m., the Metropolitan Police Department told local media. He was likely looking for the automatic teller machine. The MPD also said the crime was similar to two recent ones in Woodley Park. The person or persons who broke into the bank were gone by the time the police arrived on the scene. No cash was taken, according to police, and the bank was unoccupied.

The building next to the bank was damaged by the 1424 Wisconsin Ave., NW, building which collapsed on Nov. 24, 2011, and has been condemned. The area behind those buildings — which remain under construction — is secured by wire fencing. The new M&T Bank is located in the building once occupied by the clothing store Commander Salamander. In September 2010, an armored truck was held up in front of BB&T Bank which is across the street from M&T Bank at Wisconsin Avenue and O Street.

By midday, the FBI was also on the scene to investigate as was D.C. Fire & EMS to check the stability of the buildings.


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