Old Georgetown Board Rejects EastBanc Condo Designs

It is back to the drawing board, once again, for developer EastBanc and its proposed condos at the Key Bridge Exxon property on Canal Road, known as Georgetown Hillside. A March 6 decision by the Old Georgetown Board asked the developed to redraw its conceptual plans.

With its 1055 Water condo project well on its way to completion, the developer returned to its condo plans for the gas station property, next to the “Exorcist” steps and the Car Barn. In April 2011, EastBanc’s plans called for a 35-unit building to raise to the height of Prospect Street properties above. At the time, EastBanc head Anthony Lanier later sidelined the project.

Designs for the M Street-Canal Road condos were also re-introduced at the March 3 meeting of the Georgetown-Burleith Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E as well as the March 6 OGB meeting. Both community groups panned the condo plans for the condos, describing them as out of step with the architectural context of the neighborhood. Plans are also criticized by the neighbors who live up the hillside on the 3600 block of Prospect Street, NW.

According to EastBanc, plans call for 26 to 28 units, “averaging 2,500 square feet in size,” each with two parking spaces.

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