Surprise: Former House Speaker Celebrates 70th at Cafe Milano

Former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, along with his wife Callista, was given a surprise birthday party at Cafe Milano June 16 by 250 of his closest friends, according to the Washington Post. Gingrich turned 70 at June 17.

Here is part of what the Washington Post’s Reliable Source reported about the party: “Inside, the walls were decorated with pictures of Gingrich through the years. A bagpipe player was on hand to honor his Scottish ancestry and the lavish buffet dinner included an open bar and a birthday cake in the shape of the U.S. Capitol. The guest list was personal: Gingrich’s daughters, grandchildren and sisters, Rep. Joe Barton and former House colleagues (Bob Livingston, Vin Weber, Bob Walker, Bob McEwen and Dan Lungren), and lots of staffers from his years as speaker and his presidential campaign.

“The party was off-the record, but we’re told there were several live toasts and three videos: A serious tribute to his life, a comic riff with an Obama impersonator asking, “How old is Newt?” and a celebrity video with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump, Fred Thompson, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and other VIPs toasting and roasted the birthday boy …”

Thanking the crowd for the surprise party, Gingich said, according to the Post, “If only our government could keep a secret as well as you all did.”

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