GOP Convention Diary, Day 2: D.C. Delegation Totally Dissed

CLEVELAND — The official roll call for the Republican Presidential nomination was done last night. The D.C. Republican delegation was not pleased. No, let’s be accurate: They were downright mad and deeply disturbed.

Jose Cunningham, the chairman of the delegation, came to the microphone and clearly announced D.C.’s vote:10 for Rubio and 9 for Kasich. But then the vote was announced from the podium. The official vote became Trump 19 votes.

Obviously, there is quite a difference between these two totals. This exercise had all the traits of the former Soviet Union, where the Politburo world announce the results of their election and no one but the ruling elite would get any votes.

Earlier Jill Holman, the National Committee woman from D.C., called Reince Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee. He had informed her of what was going to happen. She protested, but to no avail. Priebus, in an attempt to rectify this blatant abuse, did announce the final roll call tally.

For all you political junkies, here it is:
Trump — 1,725

Cruz — 475

Kasich — 120

Rubio — 114

Carson — 7

Bush — 3

Paul — 2

While I’m at it, I feel compelled for the same group to list the eight U.S. presidents, who hailed from Ohio. They were all Republicans: William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William H. Taft and Warren G. Harding.

The present Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, has refused to endorse Trump. But definitely wants you to know that he is around. Mysteriously, I am sent his daily schedule.

The senator from Ohio Rob Portman who is in a very tough re-election fight with former Governor Ted Strickland is absent from the convention proceedings as well. No Republican has even won the presidency without carrying Ohio. It speaks volumes that the incumbent governor and senator feel Trump is so toxic that they want to be far away.

Last night, I went to a dinner sponsored by Shadow Senator Paul Strauss and the Creative Coalition (a group of actors interested in public policy). Mayor Muriel Bowser showed up and made the case for D.C. statehood. When I asked her if she was planning to talk to GOP vice-presidential nominee Mike Pense about this issue, since he had voted for D.C. voting rights in 2009 (only 22 Republicans had done the same), she said, “I may.” A very strange response! Bowser did not meet with any GOP elected officials during the day. She was there for media interviews. Seems to me like a very poor allocation of her time.

This morning, Kerry Ward, who runs Trump’s winery in Virginia, was the first speaker at the D.C. delegation breakfast. She devoted her remarks to what a great boss Trump was. Peter Lefkin, an alternate delegate, commented on how there was a paucity of personal anecdotes about Trump coupled with the remark, “I know Donald Trump is a very modest man.” Talk about the definition of “tongue in cheek.”

Chip Nottingham, another D.C. delegate, said that the actions by the GOP officialdom were “outrageous.” He added that the treatment accorded the D.C. delegation was “a sad day for the GOP.” This is, as I have written before, in no way a pro-Trump group.

Kris Hammond, another delegate, called the GOP nominee a “charismatic clown.” 

Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich spoke to the group this morning. He was plugging his third book, “Turning Point.” He said there is “angst in the country.” Ehrlich went on to opine that the Obama years have seen the emergence of “Western European style progressiveness” and that the administration has gone on to “weaponize the IRS.”  Ehrlich notes that he was a “Kasich guy” but now says, “We better support Donald Trump.”

Ehrlich summed it up by saying, “Politics is not a game of perfect.” Most of the week, he has been wearing stylish sun glasses, even during nighttime. He did take them off for the breakfast.

Tonight: Laura Ingraham, Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz will speak. I can’t wait.

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