Democratic Convention Diary (Final): Clinton Speech Was Superb; Dems’ Mood Upbeat, Sunny

PHILADELPHIA — I’m not going to use modifiers or subdued praise about Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech last night. I think it was superb. She showed a side of her that the public rarely sees. In person, she is not cold or formal or distant. She is friendly, warm and curious about you when you are talking to her.

We first met in the fall of 1991. Her husband Bill was filming a campaign commercial at Jefferson Junior High School. She came straight up to me and extended her hand and with a sparkle in her eye told me that the campaign was going to be “great fun.” At subsequent times at the radio station I worked for, she continued to be interested and attentive to everyone she had a conversation with. What I’m trying to say is that her public image is so different than how she is up close.

I thought the speech had specifics and she told her own life story with grace and style. I was particularly moved by her statement, “Nobody gets through life alone.” She gave herself a big boost. I think this will be seen in the coming weeks.

Overall, the convention was exquisitely produced. Visually, it was stunning in its display of diversity. Every seat was filled, and the mood was upbeat and sunny.

Last night, the most memorable moment was when Khizr Khan, the father of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, 27, who was killed in Baghdad. The Khans are Muslim.”Donald Trump, you’re asking Americans to trust you with their future,” Khan said. “Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?” Referring to the Republican nominee’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., Khan then pulled a booklet copy of it from his suit pocket and said, “I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words, look for the words, liberty and equal protection (under) law.” So unbelievably powerful. To top it off, he summed up by speaking of Trump: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

So true.

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