Meet ‘The Geeks’ at Nat Geo, July 29

Admittedly, “The Geeks,” the July 29 panel discussion at National Geographic headquarters, shares eight out of nine letters with “The Greeks,” the society’s blockbuster museum exhibition. But that looks to be about all, other than a passion for olive oil.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time; just leave your chiton at home.

Where else can you hear from “Nat Geo explorers fresh from the field”? Here’s the lineup, in (Roman) alphabetical order:

Photographer, writer and filmmaker **Molly Ferrill**, who seeks to tell the story of international human and wildlife trafficking and document the human-elephant relationship.

**Devlin Gandy**, who uses digital media to record and share the changing California landscape, among others, in order to protect it.

Fulbright scholar **Kevin McLean**, who researches canopy wildlife conservation in Ecuador and Malaysia.

Writer and photographer **Eva Rendle**, who studies olive oil production in Greece, Italy and Spain.

Adventurer **Antonella Wilby**, who monitors marine mammals, maps shipwrecks and makes images of underwater caves.

**Lily Zeng**, who studies community-based conservation of Xishuangbanna, the world’s northernmost rainforest.

Tickets to the 6 p.m. event are $15. There will be a cash bar, with light refreshments available for purchase. For details, visit the National Geographic [events page](

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