We’re No. 3 in Rats; NPS Wants to Help


The National Park Service is partnering with the D.C. Department of Health to control the rodent populations in D.C.’s national parks. Just in time. Within a week of the announcement, the nation’s capital was ranked number three on a list of major cities with rat infestations. (New York and Chicago won the top two spots, respectively.)
The NPS agreement, which took effect Oct. 1, tasks DOH staff with inspecting national parks in the city. There is also a provision for residents to report rats in any national park and request treatment by contacting the Citywide Call Center (311).
The latest effort was announced at Dupont Circle, considered a prime haven for rats. During one TV news standup, a rat, perhaps seeking its 15 minutes of fame, dashed into camera view.
LaQuandra Nesbitt, M.D., director of the Department of Health, said: “We are extremely excited to partner with the National Park Service and maximize our opportunity to protect the public health and safety of the District’s residents and visitors by reducing rodent activity through proactive surveys, inspections, baiting and enforcement. This adds to our citywide ‘Rat Riddance’ efforts that work to minimize the city’s overall rat population.”
Of course, as everyone in Georgetown is well aware, rats love our village, too.

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