The Georgetowner Endorses

**For the Democratic Nomination for President:** *Hillary Clinton*

Come on, Bernie, you’ve made your point. Now join forces with the rest of us in the battle against you-know-who. There is no greater cause. Work it out. We think Hillary can win and must win.

**For Ward 2 Council:** *Jack Evans*

Who else?

**For Council At Large:** *Vincent Orange*

While he has some notable challengers, Orange has displayed consistency, a steady hand and an ability to unite factions and people — which, in this political climate, is a not inconsiderable gift. He’s got the experience that the other candidates lack.

**For Ward 7 Council: Vincent Gray**

We think, given the difficulties and obstacles, that Mr. Gray did a remarkable job as mayor, even while having to contend — without let-up — with the fallout from a major political scandal. He should be elected to his former seat, where he can once again show his abilities as an effective leader.

**For Ward 4 and Ward 8:** *Brandon Todd and Trayon White*

By all accounts, Brandon Todd has been effective as a Council member after being elected to the mayor’s former seat in Ward 4. While we have no issues with LaRuby May or with her opponent, Trayon White, we feel that, given the slim margin of May’s special-election victory, Mr. White should perhaps get an opportunity to see what he can accomplish.

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