Overheard at Lunch: D.C. Gossip Girl

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Olivia Wilde, Georgetown’s Wild Thing

Actress Olivia Wilde was in town April 12 for the World Food Program USA’s award dinner with Michael Kors. The dinner, held at the Organization of American States, included Vice President Joe Biden. Leslie and Andrew Cockburn, Wilde’s parents, were there too. The actress, who grew up in Georgetown, had Anthony Hitchens as a babysitter and once prompted rocker Mick Jagger to tell a young Wilde to go to bed. Perhaps the incident inspired Jagger to hire Wilde for his hit ’70s-set HBO series Vinyl? Indeed, Wilde (real name, Cockburn) is related to Admiral George Cockburn, who ordered the Burning of Washington in August 1814. Vinyl has just discovered disco in its first season — burn baby burn, disco inferno anyone?

‘Man in Motion’: Rob Lowe in Town

Parks and Recreation fans rejoice — actor Rob Lowe is “lit-rilly” just like his former fitness-crazed character Chris Traeger. (Lowe tweeted out a picture of himself jogging up the Exorcist steps on April 21st. Lowe spent some time in the area before embarking on a trip abroad, dining at il Canale (nothing about “St. Elmo’s Fire” though!). Lowe was right near the Tombs, the classic Georgetown bar featured in the 1985 film.

Cameron-Bure and Hubby Enjoy Solo Trip to D.C.

Actress Candace Cameron-Bure and husband Valeri left their “fuller” house at home to jet to D.C. for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. With three kids, including one senior in high school, an educational trip to D.C. just wasn’t in the works (at least this time).

Want to Drink like Rosario?

Want to drink like Daredevil actress Rosario Dawson? The sexy Latina asked a friend to grab her a three-olive martini at the Voto Latino White House Correspondents’ Dinner pre-party Friday evening. Wearing bulky boots to combat the unseasonable D.C. cold, Dawson accidentally tripped over the velvet rope in the press line and promptly joked that her martini made her do it. Rosario: She’s just like us!

Are the ’90s Back?

Gen-Xers get excited — it looks like the 1990s are back! Jared Leto, who starred in the cult TV hit “My So-Called Life” and Scott Foley of ’90s and early ’00s “Felicity” fame, made appearances at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Model Kendall Jenner and actress Rachel McAdams were both spotted wearing chokers, a popular accessory of the decade, and Candace Cameron-Bure was an invited guest. What’s next? A “Fresh Prince” reboot?

New Dad Goldblum Parties —With His Wife

Jeff Goldblum, who stars in the upcoming “Independence Day: Resurgence,” yukked it up with Bryan Cranston for a good half hour at the Garden Brunch at Mark Ein’s R Street house. Goldblum, who just became a father last year, at age 62, took his 33-year-old wife, Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston out on the town this weekend for the WHCD festivities — the two left behind nine-month-old Charlie Ocean. (Yes, there’s hope for you sincere, older guys.)

‘Lady Mary’ Walks First Red Carpet Since Fiancé’s Death

Michelle Dockery of “Downton Abbey” fame walked the red carpet for the first time, at the WHCD, since she lost her fiancé to cancer five months ago. The actress has been largely absent from public events, mourning her very personal loss. This weekend, however, she was all smiles in a bright marigold dress for Saturday night’s big White House Correspondents’ Dinner and parties.

News Team, Assemble!

Like a scene straight out of “Anchorman,” multiple sources reported a scuffle at the MSNBC White House Correspondents’ Dinner after-party at the Institute of (ironically) Peace. Fox News Correspondent Jesse Watters and Huffington Post bureau chief Ryan Grim were looking to settle the score from a disagreement seven years old. Wonder who brought the trident?

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