Fletcher’s Boathouse to Re-Open by Mar. 1

Photo courtesy of Boating In DC


The Boathouse at Fletcher’s Cove is expected to reopen by Mar. 1.

Last October, the National Park Service (NPS) deemed the walkway to the dock unsafe, shutting down business operations and preventing access to the river. Mud and debris underneath the structure have tipped the walkway at a dangerous angle.

Kevin Brandt of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NPS office is confident the fishermen will be back on their boats in time to enjoy the warmer weather and fishing season.

This is also good news for the D.C. Fisheries and Wildlife Division. Sales of permits at the boathouse bring in approximately $60,000 for D.C. government annually, about 60 percent of total revenue from the sale of fishing and wildlife permits.

The long-term solution is not immediately clear. Future flooding could cause the problem to repeat itself.
The Park Service is freeing up funds to repair the walkway to hit the Mar. 1 deadline.

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