Start-Up Offers ‘Travel Score’ for Top Travelers

It’s smooth sailing for cruise line operators and their loyal customers as a new startup,, enters unchartered waters by increasing value for travelers and maximizing profits for operators in a win-win connection. What began in early March as a group on social media was gone viral and spawned a new company.

“The financial services industry has its FICO score to rate the most credit-worthy consumers,” said Mitchell Davis, CEO of “And the travel industry has long needed a way to rank its most valuable customers. That’s why we created the Cruising Society Travel Score. With one click of the mouse, we are able help travel companies, financial services organizations and associations gain access to our database of some of the most highly qualified travelers in the world.”

The new Washington, D.C.-based company is creating a community of high-value travelers who share their travel spending patterns privately to receive their Cruising Society Travel Score. “This is a first for the industry because we will quantify the consumer,” Davis said. Cruise lines that want to offer deals can submit details for free to a weekly newsletter.

The Cruising Society site gained Twitter followers quickly and its first dozen Travel Upgrade Report requests arrived within hours of the online application form being available — at [](

“Frequent fliers and cruisers love to brag about how many miles they’ve accrued,” Davis said. “They collect and display status pins and reap the benefits those miles and cruise nights have earned them. People love to share stories about their journeys and adventures.”

Consumers also, understandably, want to receive the most value for their money — and can receive upgrades for the same money.

“They can learn about premier clubs, like Circumnavigators’ Club  that welcomes those who have made a round-trip of the world and often, invitations to private cocktail parties or special events, and other perks, all from the assistance of Cruising Society,” Davis said. “No one else is offering this,” he said.

Consumers can join the community and learn their travel score by following the main Twitter account at [Cruising Society]( or go directly to the join page at []( Contact Mitchell Davis at


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