A Leesburg Country Getaway

Wine Tasting and Food Pairing at Fabbioli Cellars

Take a break from city life and try this for a fun day in the country. Leesburg, Virginia, is just 40 minutes outside of D.C. With each stop near the next, this itinerary is great for a couple or for a group of friends, with kids or your four-legged furry family. Now get out there and enjoy the weekend!

Brunch at Shoe’s Cup & Cork
17 N. King St.

Brunch at Shoe’s Cup & Cork
Brunch at Shoe’s Cup & Cork

Plan to stop first at Shoe’s. The kitchen uses local and sustainable products, with a focus on Virginia beer and wine. Dine in the quaint little café, originally an old shoe repair shop, or go through the long narrow “Alley” to the backyard and visit the Secret Garden, with an outdoor bocce court. The staff are happy; service is leisurely. Order the mimosa, served in cute glass milk bottles poured into champagne glasses, and the smoked salmon plate, with the perfect toasted-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside yummy bagel done just right.

• Visit the Secret Garden
• Gluten-free items
• Dog- and kid-friendly

Visit the Animals at Temple Hall Farm Regional Park
15789 Temple Hall Lane
The 286-acre Temple Hall Farm Regional Park is a brief but fun stop. It has animals and a playground — great for those with children or those in touch with their inner child. Visit goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, rabbits and my favorite black-and-white “Oreo” cows. This park provides a hands-on approach, so you feel like you’re walking around on someone’s personal farm.

• Large playground suitable for kids of all ages
• Pets not permitted, but horses are welcome

Wine Tasting and Food Pairing at Fabbioli Cellars
Wine Tasting and Food Pairing at Fabbioli Cellars

Wine Tasting and Food Pairing at Fabbioli Cellars
15669 Limestone School Road
The Fabbioli vineyard is unique in its approach to tastings: seven Fabbioli wines are paired with seven gourmet bites. Bites are made in house with ingredients grown on the premises or sourced by local vendors. The “Sip-Bite-Sip Experience” (the pairing changes every month) demonstrates how the food interacts with the wine and changes on the palate. The Something White is crisp and wonderful, the Una Pera is a unique wine made with pears grown on the land and the Paco Rojo is the perfect red table wine. A couple of ciders are also available.

• Food pairings can be adjusted for allergies
• Lots of outdoor seating (the indoor area is for tastings only)
• Kid- and dog-friendly with adults-only sections
• Wear comfortable walking shoes to explore the vineyard

Wrap Up at Loudounberry Farm & Garden
14917 James Monroe Highway

 Loudounberry Farm & Garden
Loudounberry Farm & Garden

Gather some staples at Loudounberry Farm: fresh milk, cheeses, cured meats, quail and specialty chicken eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables and handmade pickled items, jams and jellies. This is the perfect way to gather some of the country bounty and bring it back home with your case of tasty wine.

• Take a small cooler to hold your items.
• Purchase the Toe Jam (yes, the name is gross, but the taste is divine)

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