Water Street Drag Racers Confronted

A potentially dangerous problem in Georgetown successfully evolved over the past three weeks from notification to confrontation, with a long-term solution now on the table. It started on April 7 when residents on Water Street reported that the area was increasingly being used for drag racing after about 9 p.m.

“Not only is the almost nightly occurrence dangerous, but the individuals participating have become boisterous when asked to desist,” wrote Cheryl Belle-Deen, general manager of the 3303 Water Street Condominium April 7.

Police responded April 7 around midnight: “Thank you for this information I will advise my units working at this time,” wrote Lt. Gary Durand of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Second District. “I have asked evening and midnight shift managers to deploy officers at this location at the times noted if possible, but also call 9-1-1,” wrote Capt. David Sledge, a Georgetown beat officer.

On April 11, Belle-Deen wrote a detailed time report of incidents beginning at 6:59 p.m. and continuing until 12:25 a.m., including police responses (or none).  By midnight, Durand emailed that he had assigned a supervisor to take direct control of the situation.

By April 21, police reported, “The waterfront community may have noticed an increased MPD police presence from Second District MPD and the U.S. Park Police. We were able to make multiple arrests during the month of April in this area to include ‘people hanging out’ with open containers of alcoholic beverages on public space. We will continue our joint law enforcement activities and would like to thank Ms. Belle-Deen for providing us with invaluable information, which aided in our enforcement.”

Now a possible solution has been proposed by Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Lisa Palmer, who represents the area: speed bumps. Various stakeholders will be consulted.

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