Art and Fashion Mix at Lynn Louisa

Lynn Louisa Shop

Gabby Klingman and Dominique Fierro look like they go back forever: two high school friends who decided to be in business together in Georgetown. It turns out that the two of them, who seem like old friends, have actually only known each other for about a year.

Klingman, owner of the Lynn Louisa boutique, and Fierro, artist-in-residence at the Wisconsin Avenue shop, which sells clothing, accessories and gifts, were introduced by a mutual friend. Fierro reached out to Klingman about the possibility of putting a studio on the upper level of Lynn Louisa.

“I remember I gave Gabby a hug and said ‘I love this place, please like me!’” Fierro joked. Klingman, of course, did. The two now spend most of their days together — Klingman downstairs in the boutique and Fierro upstairs creating her art.

“Dominique’s art and experience tied in seamlessly with what I had going on already,” said Klingman.

Fierro does sell art out of the boutique, doing a mix of painting, photography and styling. She started painting about two and a half years ago. In addition, she does a lot of interior styling. Lynn Louisa is dotted with Fierro’s photographs and art, including a large mural on one of the boutique’s walls. Fierro has also helped with product photos and editorial work.

Klingman’s experience stems from wholesale buying, working in both brick-and-mortar and online retail. A lot of the designers she carries are West Coast-based or European. She describes her inventory as “a West Coast chill vibe but more structural and minimalist.” The shop itself is quite similar to that, with hardwood floors and wide-open spaces.

The name Lynn Louisa stems from two streets Klingman once lived between in her hometown of Seattle.

“a West Coast chill vibe but more structural and minimalist”

Fierro thinks Georgetown is a great community for a boutique with an artist-in-residence. “I think it needs it. It’s something that’s lacking in this area,” she said. “The more people that know about us can see that this can be a possibility for the neighborhood to rise up and become more colorful.”

Fierro joked that Klingman and she give the neighborhood some extra spice and sauce. The two are certainly full of originality and personality, making the shop a refreshing and unique take on the quintessential Georgetown boutique. The two even have a store mascot of sorts: Klingman’s adorable year-old dog Griff.

Lynn Louisa is the first place in D.C. that mixes fashion and art, and it does so effortlessly. “It’s a combo that naturally fits together,” said Fierro.

When they have a rare free moment, Klingman and Fierro enjoy exploring the neighborhood. Klingman is interested in the new Ladurée on M Street and enjoys the waterfront. Fierro, a self-described nature lover, frequents the Georgetown parks and often ventures down side streets to look at gardens.

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