Fashion Takes Flight

If you are booked for travel this season, then you’ve landed on the right page. Unfortunately, the glamour of flying has descended. Whether you are boarding in business class or on a budget, it has become a decidedly drab experience. Plus, preparing a travel wardrobe is incredibly time-consuming. We have streamlined the process with first-class looks for your demanding itinerary.All you need is a sleek ensemble to demonstrate that you can stay stylish en route. Start with classic pieces in a neutral palette.

1 | A leather jacket provides an instant upgrade to any attire. Don’t leave home without it.

2 | A trendy pair of trainers is your passport to comfort and won’t drive down your style status.

3 | Hydration is key. Carry a m 3 ister on days that you fly.

4 | A sweatshirt and jeans are fantastic transition pieces for fashionable flying. Jeans should fit like a glove and have the right amount of stretch.

5 | A printed tote is an eye-catching accessory with multi-tasking efficiency.

6 | A statement blouse is top priority.

7 | Stick a pin in it. The French pin gives a polished twist to your ponytail. Let them know where you stand. A pair of heels with flair is the perfect way to announce your arrival.

8 | A jumpsuit is your perfect travel companion. Just add shoes and earrings and you are prepared for your final destination.

Allyson Burkhardt is the owner of Let’s Get Dressed, DC! Image & Style Services. Visit her on the web at


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