Beach Bound

Who can make it all summer without a visit to the sandy shore? There is no better place to unplug and unwind than on white sands and crystal clear waters. With summer travel in full swing, there is no time to waste. Here is our fashion-conscious guide for staying cool at the beach.

This season, bright hues, bold prints and color blocking define swimwear. These intense tones continue on into streetwear. Statement jewelry in geometric shapes is also making a splash. But there is a softer side. Barely-there pinks and nudes are found in accessories to temper the extremes.

As for the necessary accompaniments, sun protection is more popular than ever. The emphasis is on heavy application rather than a higher SPF. So lather up! And take along makeup with some staying power. You can count on us to make getting ready for the beach a breeze.

Allyson Burkhardt is the owner of Let’s Get Dressed, DC! Image & Style Services. Visit her on the web at


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