‘The Kitty Kelley Files’ Premieres July 29

    Kitty Kelley. Photo by Philip Bermingham.

    Celebrity profiles written by Georgetown’s favorite biographer, Kitty Kelley, will make their TV debut this Saturday on the Reelz network, starting with actress Drew Barrymore.

    Kelley’s sharp-penned and high-profile biographies include those on Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, the Bush and the British royal families and Oprah Winfrey. The best-selling author has built her career, as she likes to say, “on moving icons out of the moonlight and into the sunlight.”

    In the new series, “The Kitty Kelley Files,” according to Reelz, “Kelley will unearth the true tales of some of America’s most beloved celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Princess Diana, George Clooney, Drew Barrymore and Frank Sinatra and tell their stories through the lens of the sensational events that they either triumphed over or were destroyed by. Kelley presents each story in hour-long episodes with her signature frankness and charm while she digs behind the headlines to reveal how incredible details in each story came to light.”

    “The Kitty Kelley Files” will premiere 10 p.m., Saturday, July 29.

    “From their tragedies and setbacks to their soaring achievements and everlasting legacies our new lineup of original series shows the real stories that have defined a celebrity’s life,” said Steve Cheskin of Reelz.

    “The Kitty Kelley Files” is produced by Jupiter Entertainment and Random House Studio in partnership with American Media, Inc.

    Kelley, who is no longer writing her book on Georgetown, is delighted about her new TV series and is off to Martha’s Vineyard, she told The Georgetowner.

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