Lean Into Fall: Fashion Editorial

Inspiration by Lauretta McCoy:
I love seeing women express their power through fashion and am thrilled to observe these options voiced from leather to lace. From season to season I find myself engaged in an inner dialogue where fashion is concerned that starts at the vulnerable intersection of FASHION vs SELF-EXPRESSION.

The right to take risks through fashion has always been my soapbox and at the end of the day, all that matters is you and how you feel when putting together your favorite outfit. On these editorial pages, my intent is to unleash the power of self-expression and individual fashion aesthetic. Not necessarily putting the pieces together the way you would or judging what you have in your closet, but by stimulating the inner screen of your own personal style. Presenting easy timeless silhouettes with unobstructed lines and pairings that would say this is how I want to express myself today! This is POWER!

Lauretta McCoy is a fashion stylist, makeup creative and artist. Follow her on Instagram @beautycomestoearth.

PHOTOGRAPHER  |  Yvonne Taylor
MAKEUP | HAIR | STYLING  |  Lauretta McCoy
MODEL |  Sophia, Cima Talent Management

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