Overheard at Lunch: D.C. Gossip Girl

101-year-old Marion Smoak claims to have witnessed a certain proposal in Martin’s Tavern.

Proposal Eyewitness Gets Plaque at Martin’s
It was spring of 1953. Marion “Joe” Smoak was nursing a martini at Martin’s Tavern on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown and history hit him right between the eyes. The 101-year-old former lawyer claims to have seen John F. Kennedy propose to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. (No Georgetowner believes the competing claim of Parker’s Restaurant in Boston.) Martin’s recently honored Smoak, who still enjoys a nightly martini, with his very own plaque to match the famed JFK and Jackie plaque in the “Proposal Booth.”

Desperately Seeking Marmot
Reagan National Airport tweeted out an “urgent” message late last month about a lost stuffed badger. Its six-year-old owner had slept with the cushy critter every night since infancy. The post, which recently had 910 retweets, was updated the next day as follows: “Much thanks 2 our customers 4 support! Marmot still missing but hopefully now that we know the right name he will come home. #findthebadger.” We hope Marmot gets home safely.

Wife of Treasury Secretary Repents
Louise Linton, who is married to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, has pled guilty to … materialism. In an Instagram photo of the couple leaving a private plane, Linton was clad head to toe in designer-wear. She managed to hashtag most of it, including her Hermés scarf and Tom Ford sunglasses. When an Oregon mother of three called her out, Linton openly mocked her, according to CNN. Linton has since apologized, calling the episode a “life-changing event” that helped her refocus her interests on things like animal welfare, Business Insider reported.

Beer Belly? Love Handles? You’re Hired!
Musician John Legend has put out a casting call for “out of shape” actors to play supporters of President Donald Trump in a new music video, the Hill reported. TMZ said the casting call was posted on the Casting Networks website with a photograph of individuals wearing Trump shirts for reference. Legend, a fan of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has spoken out against Trump and his actions.

Spicey and the Pontiff — Together at Last
Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer can finally cross something off his bucket list, CNN reported. The devout Catholic, who missed out on the opportunity to meet Pope Francis in May with President Trump, finally got to do so. Spicey, as he was nicknamed by Saturday Night Live, was visiting Italy with a group of legislators and politicians and managed to snag a brief meeting with His Holiness.

Campaign 2016 Inspired New Clooney Movie
“Suburbicon,” the new movie directed by George Clooney, is a response to the 2016 presidential campaign, the Hill reported. “There is a dark cloud hanging over our country right now,” Clooney told reporters at the Venice Film Festival. The release date for the film, which stars Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, is Oct. 27.

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