Downtowner DC Dec. 6, 2017

The "Light Yards" art installation is on view at the Yards through Jan. 1.

Orbs Await at ‘Light Yards’
The month-long holiday celebration at the Yards kicked off just after Thanksgiving with the light installation “Light Yards.” The interactive exhibition, on view from 6 to 10 p.m. through Jan. 1, features four orbs ranging from eight to 22 feet in diameter, with shadow- theater technology projecting holiday visuals. A selfie globe allows visitors to become part of the display, which has been presented in Moscow, Brussels and Jerusalem.

Archdiocese of Washington Sues Metro

The Archdiocese of Washington has sued the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority over restrictions on what types of advertisements can be displayed on Metro- owned property, Washingtonian magazine reported. Metro refused an ad for the church’s “Find the Perfect Gift” campaign on the grounds that it promoted religion, in violation of WMATA policy. The ads, which would have wrapped Metrobuses, depict three men and two sheep under a starry sky. The Archdiocese is calling Metro’s decision a First Amendment violation.

Officer Leaps from Bike During ATV Chase
A D.C. police officer jumped from his bike to try to stop an ATV rider late last month, the Washington Post reported. In a video posted to social media, a group of ATV riders led police on a slow chase through the District. At one point, when an officer got close to one of the motorized scofflaws, he jumped off to try and catch him, but fell to the ground instead, sustaining minor injuries. A police cruiser followed and eventually apprehended the all- terrain violator.

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Stars Coming to D.C.
Break the Floor Productions and Travis Wall announced casting for the 2018 winter tour of their new show, “Shaping Sound: After the Curtain,” which will be presented at the National Theatre for one night only, Jan. 24. “So You Thing You Can Dance” season-12 winner Gaby Diaz will star, along with Taylor Sieve, who placed third in the current season, and Nick Lazzarini, the first-ever “So You Think You Can Dance” winner.

Tadich Partner Sues Over Lost Business
Food-service company Icon has sued business partner Michael Buich, owner of the Tadich Grill, the storied San Francisco restaurant that opened a D.C. branch in 2015, for breach of contract and concealment, the Washington Post reported. What was allegedly concealed was that Buich’s father apparently disowned Buich’s sister Terri when she decided to move to D.C. and marry an African American man, former NFL lineman Gene Upshaw, who died in 2008. Public reaction to this alleged racism, first revealed in the Post, has led to millions in lost business, according to Icon.

CityCenterDC’s “Ice Lounge” survived the warm weekend.

CityCenterDC’s Igloo Avoids Meltdown
On Dec. 1, upscale development CityCenterDC unveiled a life-sized igloo that remained on display throughout the weekend. Named the “Ice Lounge,” the igloo, with a plush interior, was constructed from 36,000 pounds of ice blocks. However, due to safety concerns given the unseasonably warm weather, visitors were not allowed to enter the giant snowglobe. Still on view is the annual overhead art installation in Palmer Alley, which showcases 400 modern holiday ornaments.

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