Dressing Up for Awesome Con 2018 (photos)

Corbin, Sasha, Barry and Renee of Richmond, Virginia, as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at Awesome Con 2018. Photo by Jeff Malet.

Thousands of fans of comic books and science fiction movies, many of them in costume, assembled this past weekend, March 30 to April 1, for Awesome Con, the premier pop culture festival in Washington, D.C. In the six years of its existence, Awesome Con has expanded from requiring only a small corner of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to occupying virtually the entire space.

Cosplay, originally a Japanese word combining costume and play, is the activity of dressing up as characters from a comic book, anime, a video game or a fantasy-based movie or TV show.

View Jeff Malet’s photos of cosplayers, celebrities and other inhabitants of the world of fantasy and science fiction by clicking on the photo icons below.

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