The Auction Block April 4, 2018


Timurid Mihrab Panel, Central Asia/Persia, 14th–15thc.

Estimate: $110,000 – $165,000

Auction Date: April 25 (London)

Part of the Arts of the Islamic Worlds sale at Sotheby’s, these tiles were likely created under Timurid patronage (1389-1501). It is difficult to say for which monument they would originally have been intended since so many have been destroyed by natural and man-made disasters. In the center, in mirrored form, the calligraphy reads: “I have put my trust in my Creator.”


“Couple,” 1957 

Yiannis Moralis (1916–2009)

Estimate: $42,000 – $70,000

Auction Date: May 2 (London)

This perfectly balanced composition of pure form, elegant line and harmonious proportion, part of Bonhams’ Greek Sale, celebrates the erotic union of man and woman. In the 1950s, Moralis’s figures, especially his evocative female nudes, were gradually stripped of descriptive detail and handled in such an abstractive fashion that they took on a symbolical meaning.

Doyle New York

“Nature Morte au Bouquet de Roses et de Lilas,” 1929 
Jean Dufy(1888–1964)

Estimate: $20,000 – $30,000

Auction Date: May 9

While still a teenager, Jean Dufy was inspired to become an artist by an exhibition of Fauve paintings in his home town of Le Havre. After his service in World War I, he moved to Paris and befriended a number of painters working in Montmartre. Part of Doyle’s Impressionist & Modern Art sale, this handsome still life shows the powerful influence of Cézanne.


“In the Well of the Great Wave off Kanagawa,” 1736-95

Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849)

Estimate: $800,000 – $1.2 million

Auction Date: March 22-23

“In the Well of the Wave off Kanagawa,” from the series “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji,” introduced to Europe in the mid-19th century, had an astounding influence on Western art. Hokusai was in his 70s and in need of financial and artistic sustenance when he made this image. Several editions were printed, accounting for the variety of coloration and the black gradation above the horizon.

Hammer Down

Final selling prices for last month’s featured Auction Block items

Asia Week Special

Doyle New York

Chinese Doucai Cup, Chenghua Mark

Auction Date: March 19

Estimate: $800 – $1,200

Final Selling Price: $200,000


“Ville Provençale”
Sayed Haider Raza (1922–2016)

Auction Date: March 19

Estimate Upon Request (over $1 million)

Final Selling Price: Unsold

This is a fascinating, disappointing result, as this painting was a big deal. One of the largest early paintings by Raza to ever appear at auction, this piece had been “secreted away for most of its life” since it was purchased by a private collection shortly after its appearance at the 1956 Venice Biennale.


Shakyamuni Buddha, Khasa Malla, 13th–14thc.

Auction Date: March 19

Estimate: $1.2 million – $1.6 million

Final Selling Price: $1,392,500


Celadon-Glazed Bottle Vase, 1736-95

Auction Date: March 22-23

Estimate: $800,000 – $1.2 million

Final Selling Price: $1,212,500


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