Powerlifting: The Fountain of Youth Within

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet of longevity — the special diet, supplement, medication, activity or procedure to slow down the hands of time.

Rather than looking for the next best thing out there, we should be looking within. The human body is one of the most amazing pieces of machinery that exists. Pushing it to its full potential by lifting heavy weights, we can turn back time.

Why? Because strength training taps hormones. These built-in performance enhancers launch an anti-aging cascade that:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Balances hormones
  • Builds bone density
  • Manages insulin resistance and
  • Restores youth.

Ask the Powerlifter

Jenn Stofferahn, owner and trainer at True Fitness and Nutrition in McLean, Virginia, advises: “You have to lift heavy. By challenging the capacity of your body to move loads, you compel your muscles and nervous systems to actually change. They adapt to the stimulus and get stronger as a result. Exercises that target the greatest amount of muscle mass, such as deadlifts, squats and presses, are your winners.” She continued: “It’s long been known that stressing bones through exercise can help stimulate their growth, but many physicians have shied away from recommending weight training to individuals with fragile bones because of safety concerns. But doctors who understand tissue adaptation to stimuli ask their patients to resistance-train with smart professional guidance ASAP.”

Burn, Calorie, Burn

In a diet-obsessed, calorie-counting culture, we know ramping up metabolism is the fastest way to lose weight. Strength training creates dense muscle and muscle mass boosts resting metabolism, meaning the body burns more fat.

Anti-Aging Hormones

Changes in body composition and loss of function associated with aging have been indisputably connected to reduced levels of anabolic (fat-burning and muscle-building) hormones. Strength training can increase levels of estradiol, testosterone, DHEA and growth hormones.

Break-Proof Bones

Bone strength is independence, with hip fractures being the number-one reason for admission into nursing homes. Bone-building happens at the areas of stress during a workout, so the importance of dead lifts, which use big muscles around the hips such as glutes and hamstrings, cause the muscle to pull on the bone — basic insurance protection from physical aging (aka breaking a hip).

Insulin Resistance Reversal

Normalizing insulin levels is key to vibrant health and prevention of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. As we age, we can become more insulin-resistant. Heavy strength training is a key player in controlling blood sugar, normalizing insulin levels.

Naturally Raise HGH Levels

In the 30s, levels of human growth hormone in the body begin to drop off, driving the aging process. When muscles contract and relax during multiple sets of heavy weight training, the body produces the most significant levels of growth hormone, repairing and renewing the tissues and keeping the body young.

Powerlifting Youth Elixir

This youth elixir is available to each and every one of us with a body. Vote no to aging and yes to vibrant health by choosing powerlifting as the foundation of your exercise regimen.


Rebekah Kelley is the founder of Virtue Skinfood, a wholistic luxury skin care line. Visit her online at virtueskinfood.com.


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