Ready to Grade K St. Bike Lanes?

The Georgetowner asked readers to submit comments about the new bike-lane configuration on K and Water Streets. The newly installed lanes — not yet permanent —are part of a District Department of Transportation initiative. Below is a sampling of what we have received. Please send opinions of your own to in the weeks ahead.

  • We lost the traffic lane eastbound from Thomas Jefferson Street to 30th Street
  • Lost 45 total parking spaces
  • Parking is now nonexistent north of K Street since the reduction in parking
  • The only folks who use the bike lanes are weekday commuters from Maryland
  • A few Saturday afternoons ago traffic was gridlocked from beyond Water Street to 30th Street eastbound
  • The queueing lane used in evening rush hour for folks going to 29th Street for the left turn is gone
  • The queueing lane used for people going to Rock Creek Parkway is gone
  • The curb lane should be available from Thomas Jefferson Street eastbound during peak evening and weekend times
  • There is a bike lane at the park
  • Outside of weekday a.m. rush hours, the bike lane is all but empty
  • Note: When 31st Street is shut down for bridge repair, there will be even more traffic on K Street, starting at Wisconsin Avenue. Good luck to us.

One comment on “Ready to Grade K St. Bike Lanes?”

  • Resident of South of Canal says:

    Most awful idea ever. Why not put bike lanes on McAuther to see how it affect your traffic Palisades residents.

    It takes over 20 minutes to go three blocks now on K st.

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