Coast Guard Saves Woman Overcome by Carbon Monoxide

A woman in the cabin of a boat on the Georgetown waterfront at Washington Harbour passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning on Sunday, July 29, according to news sources and the Coast Guard.

About 5:30 p.m., a man called the Coast Guard and said he and another passenger were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to NBC4 News.

A Coast Guard crew arrived at the 40-foot pleasure boat and took an unconscious woman from the boat’s cabin, putting her onto the USCG response boat and administering CPR. She regained consciousness quickly thereafter, according to the Coast Guard.

At the waterfront, both passengers were taken by D.C. Fire & EMS to George Washington University Hospital. They are expected to be all right.

“It feels great knowing that I possibly saved a person’s life,” USCG Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Page, who performed CPR, told NBC4 News. “My training just kicked in automatically, and I am happy I could help.”


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