Inside the Kavanaugh Hearing (photos)

View our photos from inside the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room as President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began to take questions during the second day of his confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Judge Kavanaugh is considerably more conservative than the justice he would replace, Anthony M. Kennedy, who has, since at least 2005, been the swing vote on many of the Supreme Court’s most ideologically charged decisions. The stakes could not be higher. On the line will be decisions influencing abortion rights, presidential power, affirmative action, gay rights, health care, campaign financing, religion, voting rights, immigration, prisons, the environment and gun control.

Kavanaugh refused to directly answer any questions relating to these issues, or to the nominee’s time as White House staff secretary during three years of President George W. Bush’s first term. Democrats are angry that only a portion of documents pertaining to Kavanaugh’s professional career have been made public. The 12-hour hearing was frequently interrupted by shouts from protesters.

View Jeff Malet’s photos from inside the Kavanaugh hearing by clicking on the photo icons below.



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