CAG Report: Ready for Autumn

Written by Pam Moore

Summer is definitely over. In Georgetown, you can feel the pace of life pick up: our phones ring more often, it can be difficult to answer our daily emails and our calendars need careful monitoring. Isn’t that part of the reason we love living in our historic community in the heart of this bustling city?

Thanks to Sonya Bernhardt and The Georgetowner newspaper, I have been given the opportunity to share with you on an ongoing basis issues of importance and news from my perspective as president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown.

First, I urge you to be involved in Georgetown. Your commitment to a better community can be as easy as boning up on the candidates running for our Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E and making a point of voting on Nov. 6.

A Single Member District Commissioner represents you and has a say before the Old Georgetown Board (think: a project you want to undertake on your property), the Department of Transportation (you like/don’t like the idea of the Small Cell Project for future 5G) and the Department of Public Works (your garbage and that of your neighbor hasn’t been picked up on Friday). You get the picture. These elected commissioners are your voice throughout the District government.

I am pleased to report that there is a good working relationship between ANC 2E, CAG, the Georgetown Business Improvement District, Georgetown University and the Metropolitan Police Department.

When an individual joins CAG or renews his or her membership, we encourage that individual to be an active member. We welcome new CAG Public Safety Block Captains — it is a great way to meet your neighbors and do a good deed by providing timely crime reports. A call to the office (202-337-7313) will let you know if your block is currently covered. All are invited to our Public Safety Community Meeting on Oct. 17 at the City Tavern Club. There will be a reception at 7 p.m. and a program, including a Q&A, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

We all appreciate the tree cover on our blocks. Consider joining the Trees for Georgetown Committee and becoming an active member, reporting on tree boxes that are empty, poorly maintained or have trees lacking proper water to survive.

Other CAG committees are seeking members and have current issues that need attending to. Trash & Rodents may not be first on your list, but I am excited to report the BID is making this a priority. Your support here will make a difference. As for Oral History, if you like to visit with well-known people and are willing to do the necessary homework to engage them, we want you. CAG has a wonderful collection of oral histories.

CAG has a committed staff and volunteers, but as with all nonprofits we need to raise annual funds to provide community programs, manage Concerts in the Parks, produce our newsletter and much more.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, join us as we go back to our roots (no Four Seasons gala this year) and throw a cocktail party bash to honor our great former executive director, Betsy Cooley. A spectacular N Street home is the venue and entertainment will enliven the evening. Attendee numbers are limited, so please call the office to reserve a ticket or go to our website: Hope to see you there.

Pam Moore is president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown.


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