All God’s Creatures’ Special Day

St. Francis could not have provided better weather as St. John’s Church, Georgetown, honored his feast day at its annual Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, Oct. 7. Ambassador Timothy Towell’s Irish wolfhound Big Beast and Dede Gunawan’s Great Dane Chouko clearly outsized their pawed brethren as, after an understandably brief service, they received an individual blessing and a St. Francis medal from Associate Rector Sarah Duggin, assisted by Seminarian Emily Collette. There were treats for four-footers and their humans, and all behaved admirably on sacred ground.

Ambassador Timothy Towell, Chuoko, Dede Gunawan and Big Beast. Photo by Mary Bird.

St. John’s Associate Rector Sarah Duggin with Steve Meeter’s god dog Faris. Photo by Mary Bird.

Diana and Tom Bulger with Lisa, Lucy and Chip. Photo by Mary Bird.

Pamela Sorensen with her Frasier Simone. Photo by Mary Bird.

Randy Roffman and Bijou. Photo by Mary Bird.

Kirk Renaud with Jesse and Terri Persico with Monty. Photo by Mary Bird.


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