Downtowner DC Oct. 24, 2018

Officials’ Pay May Get Hiked
A bill on its way to the District Council would deliver big pay raises to city officials. The salaries of the mayor, attorney general and Council chairman would each get a $20,000 hike. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson is leading the effort, noting that the D.C. mayor’s$200,000 salary hasn’t gone up in more than a decade. The raises would take effect in January.

Crosswalk Fatality Near McPherson Square
A North Carolina woman died earlier this month after being hit by a Chevy pickup truck. Carol Joan Tomason, 70, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was struck in a crosswalk on H Street NW near McPherson Square on the morning of Oct. 12. It was first reported that she was on a bicycle, but when D.C. Fire and EMS arrived there was no sign of a bike.

Man Dies on Metro Escalator
A man in a motorized wheelchair died riding the up escalator at the Columbia Heights Metro station after falling to the bottom, being dragged up and falling again when the escalator shut off. It isn’t clear why he left the elevator (which was working) before proceeding to the escalator. Another passenger had minor injuries from being hit by thevictim’s wheelchair.

‘Tommy Show’ Out at 94.7 Fresh FM
The popular “Tommy Show,” hosted by locals Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer, came to an abrupt end earlier this month. Washingtonian magazine reported that 94.7Fresh FM’s owner, Entercom, is thinking about changing the station’s format. For now, McFly and his colleagues plan to continue to invite fans to their “family” events.

Metro May Add Food Outside Stations
Metro’s board wants to offer food around stations while continuing to forbid it in stations and on trains. Farmers’ markets and food pop-ups have been introduced at New Carrollton station in Virginia and at Grosvenor in North Bethesda, Maryland. Other stations could also get phone charging stations, photo booths, DVD rental boxes and package lockers.

Wilson High Alums Open Café
Three Woodrow Wilson High School alumni have opened up Village Café at 1272 5th St. NE, near Union Market (the grand opening is Oct. 23). Mahammad Mangum, Ryan Williams and Kevon King plan to offer sign-language classes by Gallaudet University, children’s storytime by Politics and Prose, food made with DC UrbanGreens produce and coffee from Southeast Roastery.


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