2 Local ANC Incumbents Lose; Bowser, Council Incumbents Win

With the Democrats picking up more 25 seats in the House of Representatives, it looks like the biggest winner in Georgetown is Washington Harbour resident Nancy Pelosi, who appears ready to resume her House speakership in January.

Be that as it may, Mayor Muriel Bowser cruised to a second term, being the first D.C. mayor to win reelection since 2002 — and the first female one to get a second term. Council Chair Phil Mendelson and all other incumbent Council members in this year’s race were also reelected.

The Bowser-backed candidacy of Dione Reeder for an at-large Council seat failed to track into the top two spots need to win — with 46,268 votes (14.4 percent) citywide. Incumbents, Anita Bonds (142,266 votes at 44 percent) and Elissa Silverman (85,333 at 26.6 percent), according to unofficial results from the D.C. Board of Elections.

In the only contested races in the Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission (2E), for SMD 01, Kishan Putta garnered 366 votes (68 percent) to incumbent Ed Solomon’s 165 votes (30.7 percent), and for SMD 06, Gwendolyn Lohse earned 394 votes (65.9 percent) to incumbent Jim Wilcox’s 201 votes (33.6 percent), the Board of Elections reported.

The newly elected commissioners will assume office in January.


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