Clyde’s New Owner: Graham Holdings?

It just might be a good hometown move. Clyde’s Restaurant Group has been in talks with Graham Holdings as its purchaser, reports the Washington Business Journal.

If the deal goes through, a landmark business, which began in Georgetown in 1963, would be bought by a local company, now based in Arlington, that once included the Washington Post.

Clyde’s Restaurant Group’s CEO John Laytham — who began work at the M Street restaurant while a Georgetown University student — died Jan. 3. Founded by Stuart Davidson, the company has expanded to 14 restaurants in the Washington area.

As for Graham Holdings, the conglomerate is headed by Donald Graham, a former publisher and former co-owner of the Washington Post. It includes the educational company Kaplan, the online magazine Slate and some television stations.

When contacted about the potential sale by The Georgetowner, Ginger Laytham, a Clyde’s Restaurant Group executive and John Laytham’s widow, referred the newspaper to Clyde’s director of communications, Molly Quigley, who responded to an email: “Thanks for reaching out … I have no comment.”

Likewise, Pinkie Mayfield, vice president of corporate affairs and chief communications officer for Graham Holdings, replied to The Georgetowner: “No Comment. Thanks!”

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