The Dog Days of Summer

It almost goes without saying that Georgetown loves its dogs. They’re all around, and whether, small or large, they seem quite in charge. But it’s a mutual love affair – ask any dog owner. So, find a cool spot for you and your furry buddy. It’s time for the annual Georgetowner Dog Days of Summer issue.


Theresa Crawford’s Maltese, Cooper, makes up for his lack of athleticism with his winning personality.

He hides under the patio table during the lightest of snowfalls, so his mom gave up on a snow sledding career for him. Tennis balls are also a bit of a challenge. “I may not be the biggest or know a lot of tricks, but everyone is really nice and makes me feel special,” Cooper told us.

The feeling is mutual.

“I love the breed. They are bred to do one thing — be your pal — and he does a good job of it,” says Theresa, adding that he’s also become quite fond of Mrs. Lee at the Midtown Cleaners on P Street. Helping mom with her errands around the neighborhood is Cooper’s favorite pastime.

“I’m just about the luckiest little guy because I live in Georgetown where I get to see my friends, two legs and four, every day,” Cooper explains.


Sookie Belle, a six-year-old Yorkshire terrier and Maltese mix, as found her sweet spot: in the first mate’s bench on her family’s boat. “She insists on sitting there when we cruise the Chesapeake Bay,” says her mother, Annemarie Ryan.

Sookie Belle is such a big personality that she gets the “TREAT-ment” (that’s dog-speak for good biscuits) at her favorite Georgetown shops like Ella Rue and Côté Jardin Antiques.

Ever the diva, Sookie Belle also commandeers the big raft when idling in the pool, but her take-charge attitude will come in handy if her shipmates ever get into stormy waters.

Annmarie explains that Sookie Belle “is doggy certified to save her human companions and her little human friends, too.”


Winnie Hayes does just about everything with her mother, Kelly, the social-media director for the Brand Guild, which is based on M Street.

Winnie often walks with Kelly to the office from Tenleytown. She has even stopped by Kelly’s alma mater, Georgetown Visitation. Together, the two have traveled to Key West (six times, no less), California and Colorado.

Now that’s a healthy mother-daughter relationship.

But it sounds like Winnie makes relationships pretty easy. “She is very snuggly,” explains Kelly, adding that she’s dubbed her mode of affection “the Winnie cuddle.” Winnie’s Georgetown happy places are Cady’s Alley and the Old Stone House garden on M Street. Ask for a cuddle if you run into her on her walk; she’s ready to oblige.


Posey, full name GCHB Mariposa De La Brise CGC TKN, is a Pyrenean Shepherd who is used to fancy names and fancy titles.

She was named the Bronze Grand Champion at the Westminster Dog Show in her first showing, a proud moment for her mother, longtime Georgetown resident Cynthia Case.

“I’ve had rescue dogs all my life, but finally wanted to get a show dog and a jogging buddy,” says Cynthia.

Posey is six years old now, and is still outrunning her mother, and keeping her dog siblings in line. “She’s a herding dog, and my other two dogs are white, so she thinks of them as her little sheep,” says Cynthia.

But despite Posey’s pedigree and success, she’s no snob. She treats her siblings — both rescue pups — like her equals and doesn’t mind “romping through the mud” with the best of them.


Georgie, a year-old Labrador retriever, is more than a pretty blonde. She’s a Jane-of-all-trades at the Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown, where she greets guests, bellhops and plays soccer in the hallways, earning her the title of the hotel’s “Canine Ambassador.”

This summer, Georgie added author to her list of accomplishments, publishing her first coloring book, which the Fairmont gives to children along with a plush Georgie toy.

Not long after her birth at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, she traded in her aspirations to become a guide dog for the far more glamorous hotel life when she was adopted by the Fairmont’s general manager, Mark Huntley.

Her first birthday this August, is already looking to be the pool party of the summer, and invitations are a hot ticket. President Obama — whose foundation office is doors away on the same street — made the cut, naturally.

When she’s not on diplomatic duty, she loves chilling in her dad’s office, strolling the parks of Georgetown or checking in on her buddy, restaurateur Billy Martin, who always has a piece of steak for her.


Known on social channels as the Pearmund Cellars mascot, Tug is really much more than a mascot. He is his human’s best friend and kind companion. He’s everyone’s friend! We all know how important it is to be promptly and happily welcomed upon arrival, and Tug does it with an effortless smile and a style all his own. When he isn’t overseeing his own “pet projects” at the winery, Tug can be found snoozing in the sunshine or quietly enjoying his fandom with loving pats and scratches around his ears. We submit that Tug is so beloved, he required his very own wine label.


Tigo, a seven-year-old Chihuahua, may only be six pounds, but he’s got brawn and stamina. He won the Running of the Chihuahuas, a D.C. charity race to promote dog adoption, and braves the Potomac River for one of his favorite activities: swimming (when he’s not playing fetch incessantly).

He was born in Puerto Rico and came to Washington when he was a tiny tot of two months old. His dad, Carlos Ocasio, describes him as a daredevil and a drama king. “He loves to be the center of attention wherever he goes,” he says.


Penny is a three-year-old dachshund-beagle mix. She was adopted by Paige Weaver a year ago after being found by a rescue team. The team saw that Penny had recently had puppies, but they were nowhere to be found. Paige brought her home five days later. Penny admits: “I love long walks, car rides, but — most importantly — treats!”


Bella is (mainly) a Norfolk terrier. A perky 15-year-old, she loves to chase squirrels and chipmunks and go on morning and evening walks with her mom, Linda Roth. Bella loves to play with little girls — and may think she is one, Linda adds.


Colbie Hilburn’s mother, Ellen, says that Colbie is so charismatic, she gets cat calls.

“Your dog should be a movie star,” random Georgetowners yell. “If her tail wagged any faster, there would be liftoff,” explains Ellen.

It wasn’t always this happy for Colbie, who calls O Street home. She was found in the street while nursing six pups and did a stint in the Humane Society shelter.

Fortunately, she found her way to the loving arms of the Georgetown community, where Ellen says she’s a big hit with local store owners, sometimes placing her front paws on the counter to give a personal greeting.


Martha, the Newfoundland companion of Joe Findaro, is so dark, furry and adorable, children often ask Joe if she’s a bear. No, but she could be — a teddy bear, that is.

Joe describes Martha as “very social,” both with people and with other dogs, like her terrier friend, Eleanor. She often trots through her favorite hangout, Volta Park, fielding those pesky “bear” questions.

Martha’s name comes from the Bible. Saint Martha was the sister of Lazarus, whom Christ raised from the dead. They say that all dogs go to heaven, but in Martha’s case, she may have an even more special place there.


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