Smell Gas? Call 911.

The replacement of an almost 100-year-old pipe system is making gas leaks an everyday occurrence. Courtesy Ed Segal.

Gas leaks are nearly an everyday happening in Georgetown, mainly due to an almost 100-year-old pipe system that is slowly being replaced, explained Washington Gas officials at the Oct. 3 meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E. The company has implemented speeded-up categorization and response procedures for reported leaks, promising that their service people won’t leave until they’re fixed.

But the new players in the gas leak drama are firefighters. According to D.C. Fire and EMS Department officials, who spoke at the ANC meeting, fire stations throughout the District now have trained personnel to assess, shut off and otherwise deal with gas leaks.

The takeaway: if you smell gas, go outside and call 911 first — then Washington Gas.

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