Scents and Sensibilities


It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Scents evoke memory, sensation and emotion. And what is more emotional than buying or selling a home? So much of your life is contained in those rooms, and so many dreams yet to come.

With this in mind, Long & Foster — which encourages buyers to “Dwell in the Uncommon” — is taking an uncommonly creative approach to home marketing with the introduction, this holiday season, of its first signature scent: LF68. (The company was founded in 1968.)
Long & Foster Director of Marketing Elena Solovyov explains the inspiration behind the scent this way: “Emotions are a major factor in the real estate experience. A bespoke home fragrance allows us to tap into those emotions and help our customers experience their perfect home and create lasting memories.”

But it has to be the right fragrance. You can’t just spray some floral elements into the air and hope for the best. Led by Solovyov, the Long & Foster team worked with French perfumer MANE to craft a scent that would reflect the brand’s image of sophistication and refinement, while creating a sensory experience that would enrich the customer presence and boost “dwell-time” in the home.

The result? A luxurious yet fresh blend of champagne rose, rhubarb, lemon and powder, along with delicate lavender redolent of a spring dinner party. This distinctive scent is now a Long & Foster exclusive.

Christian Dior once commanded, “Make me a fragrance that smells like love.” With LF68, Long & Foster believes it has created a scent that smells like home.

For more information, visit, call Elena Solovyov at 202-
420-8836 or email Photo by Rachel Sale. Courtesy Long & Foster


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